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“Laurie McDonald is the first person I think of when we need to hire a designer. She is very talented, a quick study, and a dream to work with. I highly recommend her!”

Risa Ryan
Art Director
The Smithsonian Associates
Washington, DC


“Laurie’s dynamic creations dazzle us at every turn.  She nimbly pushes the boldness and edge factor within our branding framework, always exceeds deadline expectations, and incorporates all direction effectively while managing multiple concurrent projects for our company.   Laurie’s work makes our message pop off the screen, and I trust her–implicitly–with our image.”

Jennifer Mann
Director, Sales
Ellen Allen Annapolis


“I knew instantly who I wanted to do the graphic artwork for my first solo album:  Laurie McDonald. Not only does she do extraordinary work, she also provides many great options to consider, she listens, she collaborates and has unending patience (for indecisive artists such as myself).  Laurie is fantastic!”

Brian d’Arcy James
Actor, Broadway Star, Singer and Songwriter

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“We love working with Laurie at Laurie McDonald Design.  Laurie’s professionalism and versatility are unmatched.  She delivers great designs to us and is always timely, which is so important in our deadline-driven industry.”

Tammi Molavi
Paper Trousseau


“I’ve worked with Laurie McDonald Design for almost 20 years and find her to be an innovative and highly creative designer for all types of collateral, from logos and t-shirts to brochures and publications of all sizes.  While our subject matter remains the same year-to-year, Laurie constantly turns out fresh and cutting edge designs and ideas.  Laurie’s expertise in type and publication work is top notch; she consistently produces highly professional publications within budget and always on deadline.  She is a great troubleshooter and liaison with printers.   She’s a master at handling challenging situations and demanding clients. Moreover she’s the only person who can read my handwriting!”

Cait Goldberg
Science Service 


“Laurie’s work is always of the highest quality.  Her creativity and professionalism coupled with an ability to turn projects around quickly makes her a pleasure to work with.”

David Mertz
Assistant to the President
Retail, Wholesale, Department Store Union