Personalized Wine Labels

Summer brings some great celebrations and wine is always
a favorite to bring to the party.

Why not make it a unique gift?

Laurie McDonald Design will put a special touch on your gift of wine with a personalized label.  Let the front, back and top label of the bottle celebrate the man or woman of the hour for just $40!

Take a look at the samples and then order your own customized wine labels by following the instructions below.

First, take a picture of the bottle of wine you want put your personalized labels on.

Then, email that picture with the following information to


1) Name of the person(s) you’re giving it to and when you need it.

2) Five to ten words that describe them (the more the better).

3) Five activities they like to do for fun and/or work (once again, the more the better).

4) Any other significant information you’d like included on the label.

5) Measure each label on the bottle (front label, back label, neck label) from
top to bottom and left to right.


We use all that information to create your personalized wine label like the ones below.  We’ll send you an image to approve with payment instructions.  After that, we’ll print and mail it to you.  Email us if you have any questions about the the process or multiple orders!


Personalized Wine Labels for $40!